Massive story party στο Rakkan της Κηφισιάς τα Χριστούγεννα!

Massive story party στο Rakkan της Κηφισιάς την Κυριακή των Χριστουγέννων στις 25/12!


Massive Story X Rakkan Bar Restaurant present: "A State Of Xmas"

As this year comes to an end we look back on all the good memories. Rakkan will transform into a dance venue for a unique night. We will give a goodnight kiss to 2016 and hope it stops being a mess for it's last week! Come with us, dance and shout loud: "FVCK YOU 2016"

Music: ..Sweet beats, dance classics, fresh tunes..

Line up: Mossel | Instamix | TJ VeeKay Live Vocals: Steven Aderinto

Doors open at 23:00.

Entrance Fee: 15€ with 1 Drink

*Table reservations are highly recommended. Different categories available:

- Stand Reservations (1 bottle / 5 people)

- Table Reservations (2 premium bottles & Sushi Combo / 8 people)

- Full Pack Reservations (1 Magnum premium bottle & Special Sushi Combo & Sisha / 10 people)

Contact us for more info: • Tel: 211.850.3680 | 211.850.2544

Available Parking Lot: Parking Κηφισιά - Κέντρο Μελά (Λεβίδου 5, Κηφισιά)

#PremiumMusicCulture #goodbye16


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